I am Hong Kongese artist living and working in London. My practice primarily consists of abstract-surreal two-dimensional drawings and paintings. The themes of my work revolve around visualisation of emotions, analysis of our preconscious and subconscious mind, as well as representation of my cultural heritage. They all reflect sophisticated explorations of my mixed identity through a distinctive visual language.

Three-dimensional spheres are an recurrent motif throughout my practice. I have associated spheres with a sense of comfort, as the consistency and certitude within the geometry contrast with the tension in my frequent depiction of distorted human body forms, reasserting a sense of order in my work. The overwhelming amount of spheres suggests an imaginary space with no horizons, implying an intangible reality.

My most recent project “Mother” & “Father” is a diptych representing the bittersweet feeling of the transition from childhood to adulthood. The oil paintings portray particular psychological states one goes through when beginning to recognise our parents as individuals and understanding their lives outside their roles as mother and father.