The thesis site is based in the layered landscape of Purfleet, Essex running along a section of the Thames estuary.

The brief ‘Go Large’ is to create a proposal that establishes a location for the developing film industry, creating large scale cultural production spaces. Due to their economic value, these spaces are largely funded by the government.

This project will not only offer an economic boom to the area but also create a social centre for Purfleet as part of the master plan for the site. 

There is a current regeneration scheme for Purfleet at the moment. In this project, we will create our own to make a more suitable scheme one that responds to the Purfleet community, climate and landscape.

Purfleet is a town that has nearly all but lost its identity. This is not to say the identity does not exist, but how can it be brought forward, highlighted and cherished?

My initial response to this brief was to look at what Purfleet has lost due to deindustrialisation, exploring what elements of the town have gone to result in the town becoming dormant. What does the town need to revitalise it?

This proposal will create a centre for Purfleet and house the emerging film industry. This centre will be a place to gather something the town sorely misses.

The film industry is moving to the estuary. This is an excellent opportunity to get Purfleet back to its former glory. This town thrived in industrial times; this is a chance to bring back what the removal of the industry took away.

The program seeks to add new educational facilities. This will open opportunities to train local people in the art of film. Giving Purfleet a cultural identity is essential, but it must be for the people of Purfleet and not at their expense.