Denney & Deboo aims to reflect my grandmothers, both working class, northern women, who lived the prime of their lives in post-war rationing.  

    This collection began with imagery that documented Liverpool and its factory workers in the fifties, whereby I investigated all I could about the garments they wore and materials they used. From here it developed through the observation of lines and shapes within vintage lingerie, married with the silhouettes, functionality, and hardwearing of workwear from that time. Sustainability is at the core of the work too, having upcycled domestic fabrics as the main fabrication, along with second-hand source pieces, buttons, and trims.  

    For women of this generation, it was a tough time to thrive, with families having had very little money and the fact that they were surrounded by industrial, male dominated environments. I have always admired the fact that they were so glamorous and well turned out despite all of this, so I wanted to create a collection that represents that contrast.  

    Denney & Deboo is a collection that I feel encompasses the glamour and femininity with the industrial work wear, reflecting my grandmothers’ tenacity to dress so well in a time that was not so kind to them.