The idea is about coming up with strategies to resolve the problematiques identified and improve the existing ones. Major strategies include Coastal defense, biodiversity, program, and housing protection.
    Coastal Defence- This is done through breakwaters, which are positioned about 300m from the coast that help develop the tombolos, constructing topography off the coast and eventually forming firm enough land for human activities. But to protect from sea level rise it is important to gain height which tombolos alone cannot achieve. Therefore, shingle dunes come into play. High wind velocity and wave strength will further help in the formation of dunes.
    Biodiversity- To improve biodiversity on the beach Marram grass and Marshland are introduced. Marram grass help to bind the dunes together and prevent shingle erosion while Salt marsh helps lower the intensity of sea waves and give way to pioneering species and improve overall ecology.
    Program- Considering the large crowd that uses Brighton beach for various activities every year, it is important to have some space where the current activities can continue as well as newly introduced. Programs like Event spaces, sports complex, boardwalk, lawns, temporary/ permanent market zones, fishing, and new destinations on breakwaters are considered.