Following a process of careful observation on Rye Lane, Peckham, with regards to both the lived and built conditions, the project aims to provide a sensible transformation to the existing fabric in order to maintain the character of the place and provide better quality conditions of living and work for the local community.
The main intervention accommodating shop spaces and the community room will make use of existing fabric, converting the poorly maintained storage spaces at the back of the commercial spaces on Rye Lane. The project looks at the spacial opportunities of such structures and how they can enhance their surroundings through small interventions.
It is a speculative proposal, which acknowledges the mobile character of Rye Lane. The high street comprises of movements, rituals and temporalities which lead to a public space which is performed rather than encountered as a ready-made design. (Ray Lucas, 2020)
The project does not propose prescribed spaces but rather looks at spatial opportunities to open up a dialogue about space ownership, negotiation and performance. It takes inspiration from Rye Lane’s shared ownership and efficiency in occupying space through light touches.