Hello! I’m Alice. I am not a graphic designer. As you’re about to see, I am a football fan, baker, protester, office worker, event constructor, Amnesty campaigner, feminist, scarf seller, domestic violence preventer, seamstress, speculative deliverer, hairdresser, 3D maker, quilter and public toilet enthusiast.

My work is rooted in curiosity and brought to life through experimental thinking, creative strategy, big ideas and playfulness. My practice is environmentally and socially conscious, with the consistent main goal being to make the world an (ever so slightly) better place. Above all, I like to always question ‘what if?’.


(1) Don’t Take It Home – A social campaign tackling the rise of football-related domestic violence.

(2) Taking the Piss – A newspaper publication of my dissertation on the design of public space and toilets.

(3) Work From ____ – A pop-up office providing a structure for both your WFH day and physical office space.

(4) Breaking the Bread – Providing creative practitioners with the tools to start important conversations on gender issues in design.