‘Echoes of a life’ incapsulates family, authenticity and Fine art, referencing my Grandad as central inspiration. His love and fascination of unusual Modernist sculptures and collections of original art exhibition catalogues, including work by artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, are integral in my design aesthetic.

Layering on top of this artistic direction, are the memories of his time spent in the RAF. Stories and heirlooms my Grandad shared with me, particularly his original kit bag, which displayed his personal military number, became central source pieces. Referencing a combination of the mediums and ergonomic shapes used by Modernist artists, together with authentic RAF plane constructions, helped inform the fabrications, silhouettes and textile patterns of my collection.

To explore three-dimensional textural elements, I developed a range of hand painted digital surface prints, soft needle felting, alongside linear mixed ribs and ergonomic plaited cable designs. By celebrating these textile techniques within my fashion pieces, creates a greater depth, tying the entire range together with an artistic thread.