My fashion project explores nostalgia and the absurdity of romanticising a time long past. I began my research exploring this theme through investigating porridge and canals. These two seemingly unrelated topics proved to present connections of past time and old practices. Taking inspiration from the visuals and history of these subjects my design process developed through different iterations of my ideas and points I wanted to communicate. Experimenting with materials such as wood, plastic and canvas I combined references from traditional British culture to create something new. I directed my research towards the idea of a slower pace of life, looking at visuals and garment references from the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th century to inform draping and collaged designs. The garment is made from second hand materials, playing into the original theme of nostalgia. The top part of the garment is made from old curtains, weighing the wearer down while adding an aged element to the look. My final design is worn by a character who is stuck in the past, oblivious to the modern day goings on around her. She dramatically romanticises the slower lifestyles people used to lead, wearing a garment that intentionally limits her stride, weighs her down and enables her to anchor herself to her surroundings. The essence of nostalgia and romanticising is positive. Through my garment and shoot I aim to communicate that the ignorance of reality that comes with wanting the past is absurd.