Expanding and Manipulating the skin- Looking at the human figure from a different perspective.

    With this final major project, I explored a range of perspectives revolving the human form including: Manipulating as well as extending unfamiliar body elements to frame and suggest new beauty ideals to my audience. Along with this concept, I intend on offering a sense of confidence in embracing forms people may find as an insecurity.

    Introducing the impacts of manipulating skin, I dissected the green and red/pink colours of bruising from wearing constructed garments, into my colour scheme . Juxtaposing the ideas of wearing a constructed garment and the colours that indicates the effects of it- expanded my ideas of distortion into my final garment.

    Heavily inspired by my interview regarding people’s preferences/insecurities and studying natural lumps and bumps. I received a stronger understanding of the body and recognising that there is no specific beauty ideal nor trend, as everyone has different preferences. Furthermore, McQueen’s “Taxi Driver” and Kawakubo’s “Body meets Dress” collections encouraged me to appreciate unpopular silhouettes, whilst leading me to wonder- What other forms could be manipulated into the next beauty ideal?

    Exploring a range of perspectives revolving the human figure, by manipulating and extending unpopular forms, to frame and suggest new beauty ideals. Along with offering ways for people to feel confident in embracing their insecurities the may feel self conscious about.