Are you proud ?

    I began researching the broader topic of the north/south divide, investigating the historical gap through to the political gap. My focus turned to the role of industry in the North – helping me understand where the attitude towards community originated. I also took from my own experiences when looking into the impact of accents. This research all became connected after a series of interviews with people across the country about pride. It reaffirmed the significance of industry, accent, and community in the North, but also highlighted the appreciation for the landscape.  I was drawn to this idea of Northern Pride as it is something that the South doesn’t have – despite these pride points not being exclusive to the North.

    My outcome responds to this North/South divide of pride. I have designed an interactive atlas of England. The concept is to encourage ‘Southerners’ to be more like ‘Northerners’ in terms of their attitude towards pride. To achieve this, the atlas is filled with stickers so the audience can ‘claim’ the landscape where they come from and wear it with pride.