I have designed the uniform of a shepherd from a dystopian 2042. The outfit consists of two pvc, watertight boots that wrap over his shoes and calves to ensure he stays dry while at work, his fields being sheets of chemicals around 30 cm deep as a pose to grass, cargo trousers are strong and sturdy with reflective imagery to indicate his profession and ensure he is visible in dark settings, a large puffer gilet with a tube to refill with gas, a hat with a headlight/reflective image, and a workwear hoodie.What I try to say with my piece is this: the effect of media and in particularly that through technology, phones etc, on the children of today, is unlikely to be that bad or as bad as parents seem to fear. I use an ai as my character to design for as the fear of ai is similar to the fear of how technology will effect children –the end result often seems to be the fear that they will become violent. I have designed the outfit of a character (an ai) who is quite harmless, and exists in a dark dystopian world created by humans. I reference the biblical story of Cain and Abel, my character being called Abel, as to say that it is in fact human fearinga craving forviolence in ourselvesas a pose to technology being all that dangerous (it is Cain [human in my story] who murders Abel.)


    This is some of my most relevant research and design process. In these images are my illustrations, draping tests, textile tests and research into brewmasters. I created my own slide of images to present my final project in person.