Through the flowing history of Chinese culture and its indispensable influence towards the formation of Chinese politics, humanities and artistic development. The aesthetic of its static and minimalistic overtake on the production of arts and literature have influence, generations of scholars and artists to produce symbolic pieces of objects, paintings perpetuated the dynasties.

    The subject of Orientalism, specifically with the exploration of the exotic oriental beauty and culture, it tempered the creative visual approach through the project. The contemporary upbringing in photography provides a desirable opportunity to experiment with saturated colours and dramatic stage design. Consequently, allowing the photographs to become a reflection and symbol itself towards the Chinese heritage and experimental innovation in the arts.

    Comeliness is a photographic project which aim to reflect, celebrate and reimburse the beauty of Chinese Culture; but yet to celebrate the power and innovation that young Chinese creatives have been working and breaking through the traditional Chinese aesthetic and culture. By photographing the creatives in studio, coincide with traditional symbolism towards Chinese culture, allows the photograph to implicitly manifest such comeliness and elegance through the peacefulness in the studio. Each individual models represents not only themselves, but also the diversity of Chinese creatives in many fields; with the interview alongside in the printed portfolio, it will aid the audience through the exhibition.

    The timeless quality from the studio, allows the photographs to exert an auspicious energy in its presentation, allowing its aesthetic to flow and reincarnated through its futures manifestation creating a new iconic symbolism and aesthetic towards Chinese contemporary photography and culture.