Bart is a creative project manager and designer currently working with his partner Conor Foran under Take Courage. As a duo, they collaborate with people in the arts, cultural, non-profit and academic spheres who believe in the power of creativity as a means to instigate change. They offer hope through creative communication in the form of websites, identities, publications and more.

As a practice, Take Courage is also involved in disability and academic research, writing, giving talks, conducting workshops, all through the lens of agile project management. Bart’s final major project focuses on the management of Conor’s research & development project called Dysfluent.

Dysfluent is a multidisciplinary project visualising the concept of stammering pride, by exploring lived experiences of people who stammer. In its first iteration—a printed magazine—Dysfluent reached a global audience and gained recognition amongst the key organisations and individuals in the stammering community.

Dysfluent’s approach to visual communications provides a more accessible solution to exploring the notion of stammering pride for both members of the community, as well as people who don’t stammer. It brings a casual and accessible tone to an otherwise academic area dominated by speech and language pathology.

Designers should not define futures for everyone else but, by working with experts, generate futures that act as catalysts for public debate and discussion about the kinds of futures people really want.

— Dunne & Raby