Adaptive technical wear for a dystopian future.

My design philosophy is predicated on utility, function and transformation. It combines utilitarian workwear with the fabrication and cut of activewear. Built with sport and military function, modular systems adapt to the environment in which they are used. Conforming to the choice of the wearer.

The collection exists within a universe called ‘The Coil’; remaining life is engineered to survive against an all-consuming parasitic technology. Looks 1-6 replicate these mechanically advanced beings, referencing Tsutomu Nihei’s ‘BLAME’. My work takes influence from my own primary research while wild camping, hiking and bike tours. Blending fantasy with function. Mortal Coil uses an experience of an 700+ mile bike tour across Greece and many weekend hikes in the peak district as reference for its design. Replicating survival, isolation and extreme environments to where the collections fantasy universe is based.