Benny Bovone is a 2D Animator, Concept Developer and Visual Designer.

The content of her work always carries a specific message and her animations often evolve around Philosophical and Psychological themes, such as topics around Identity, Emotions and Relationships, developing content that relays on strong character designs and immaginative narratives. She is a very sensitive and empathetic Artist, which brings her to care a lot for details and depth in a story and its characters.

Her animations explore the beauty of movement through traditional 2D Animation, trying to capture and represent the vitality of life through characters and stories. Benny also often works with other techniques, such as 3D and Stop Motion, to keep her work inspired and challenging by experimenting and mixing media.

Benny’s latest project, a short animated film titled Myme Stuck In Mindland, aims to visually represent the soul of a lost young person. The story unfolds the journey of the main character, Myme, personification of the artist’s thoughts and emotions. As she interacts with the environment around her, a white ghosted city that represent the subconscious mind of the person as a physical space, she finds herself stuck and rejected. She is unable to find a way out of her own head. Struggling around the city, she finally finds a way to gain strength and hope by doing what she loves most. With new faith in herself, Myme finally gains access to the buildings to leave her mind and connect in the real world. 

Myme Stuck In Mindland aims to tell the story of a young lost soul, who finds strength and hope within what they love to overcome fears and obstacles and live life to its best.