Bug (she/they) explores gender and sexuality through a combination of personal and academic lenses. Using their practice as an illustrator and an animator to examine and deconstruct the long-existing structures the gender binary has formed around us. She believes a lot more education on transgender and gender diverse identities are paramount to creating a better world for everyone, due to an unchallenged lack of understanding being the driving force behind most prejudice and hatred towards gender minorities and women. 

Many methods can be used for this, and a balance of humour, critical commentary, and informative content form the pillars of her bits n bobs that she call an art practice.

She also released her first Official Music Video  this year! Alien Fish, for Paige Kennedy.

Bug looks to venture down many avenues, primarily storyboard and concept work for animation. Her advocacy for LGBTQ+ issues will remain a cornerstone of her work, as a transgender and non-binary artist Bug wants to use their practice as a tool for change.

Bug spent her final year researching trans heritage in order to uplift unseen perspectives. Frustrated by the depictions they found; she wrote, drew, and self-published a publication that educates the reader on how to examine film for themselves, and offers a catalogue of resources to encourage further critical analysis.