Raising the curtain :Rye Lane theatre in Peckham

This year our studio 3.1 are doing a theatre project in Peckham ,SE London.

Peckhdam is a very diverse place. Peckham is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the UK. Different cultural backgrounds collide and blend with each other here. Different from the bustling impression of London, Peckham gives the impression of multi-colored street elements and a strong artistic atmosphere. For historical reasons, the Peckham regional economy is not very good and the buildings are a bit rundown. The multi-layered population structure also contributes to the high crime rate in the Peckham area. 

In my proposal, I chose to keep the existing building and remodel the theatre on the existing structure. My goal was to build a single-story, economical and temporary(5-10 years) theatre. There is a main flexible theatre studio(350 seats) in the theatre, and the seats of the theatre can be adjusted according to the needs of different performances. There is also a small performance space(120 seats) for actors to rehearse and perform some shows.The small performance space is connected to a courtyard. When the weather is good, the audience can watch the actors perform in the courtyard through the glazing door screen. In addition, it also contains a restaurant, a long bar and ticket office. Although the whole project looks simple but every detail has been carefully designed and considered. I also hope that through the opening of Peckham theatre and performances, people can see the wonderful side of Peckham and alleviate people’s stereotype of Peckham’s high crime rate.