The incomplete (final major project) – The incomplete. A unique approach to an anti-poaching campaign. A short film anti- poaching animation campaign featuring adorable, innocent endangered animals, it shows how they have lost an element of their body due to poaching.

Disney News– A 24h channel that will show you that the world is a better place than we think. A future to look forward to. By combining Disney’s infamous mood lifting and storytelling abilities,
we’re launching a 24h news channel showcasing positive news stories happening all around the world.

Cards against spiking– An invisible test that makes spiking visible. Cards against spiking’ aim is to tackle a current social and cultural issue, the increase in spiking cases across the UK. The product aims to make drink spiking detection easier, accessible and discrete for students using drink testing cards, accompanied with creative designs.

Auxpecker (BYOB) – A speculative response towards solving rhino poaching. A bionic bird that provides constant patrol and is hidden in the nature of the savannah. Without disturbing the rest of the ecosystem.

During my Design marketing course I have learnt to respond to live briefs in a creative and insightful way. I produced marketing campaign with animation, case study videos, UX/UI design, 3D visuals along with many digital content. The course has led me to explore a variety of topics where I have researched the problem and found a creative solution based on an insight.




Hi, my name is Catarina Moura. I’m a young Portuguese graphic designer and 3d artist based in London. I’m ambitious and hard worker and always eager to learn. I aim to create content to raise awareness towards social and environmental causes, in hopes of creating a better future.