I started my project exploring deceptive designs and quickly became fascinated by 20th century war references such as dazzle camouflage and inflatable tanks, called spoofs. I investigated a wide breadth of topics surrounding deception, including contemporary furniture, however kept returning to my early references of deception during warfare. These references ended up heavily inspiring my outcome as I wanted my work to emphasise and celebrate the methods used, by adapting them to modern, mini ‘battles’. My first outcome is a roll-down wall which allows you to avoid conversing with someone you know at a train station and is based on camouflage, the widely used deceptive tactic. The second outcome is inspired by inflatable tanks and is a bag which can be inflated and deflated, to be used on the bus when you don’t want anyone to sit next to you. The references my pieces are based on have such a specific tone and evoke a reaction of delight in the viewer, which is what I aimed to capture through my outcomes.