The reason I designed this short anime because of I’m trying to look back my life and my daily routines, I recored my repeated routines into animation and obviously I lived up to school every day to sleep, no ripples in the life also it makes me forget myself. I designed a little ghost as a positive version of me, and let it take me to find a wonder life again.

my animation also give a certain answer, experiencing in a delicious meals, a simple observation, reviewing a “mistake” let me can be more easy to experience the beauty of life.

My used to believe routine is more sad and reflect on, because I think people should not be inside or repeated routines again and again, it is very tragic keep looping your live.I live my day step-by-step, repeating similar things, I became one of those people who couldn’t get out of the routine.When I conducted research and interviews, I also found many unexpected things. I found that different ages have completely different attitudes and views towards Routines, which made my topic more diversified. One girl told me that if she didn’t listen to a piece of music before falling asleep, she would suffer from anxiety. However, another guy told me that he often didn’t do his routine well for many reasons, but since when he tried to make his routine better, he still felt succeed and grateful. This allowed me to look at my subject in different aspect. I watched over and over again that the time I haven’t stuck in a routine, and that was something that touched me.