Cheon Young was born in South Korea. Having been interested in art since she was young, she has always lived her life with paintings. With her mother, who graduated from art school, encouraging her, Cheon has learned and felt the beauty of the painting and captured the moments of life. However, she had to keep herself away from art during her earlier years while she focused on her studyies. At this time in her life, Cheon was no longer curious about her future. One day at school, in an empty art room, she found what she wanted to do and began to dream again. Since that day, she started drawing her future to achieve her dream. She wants to convey her hope to people who have not yet found their dream, by expressing her experiences through this animation.




 Like the sea without knowing the depth, the future is unknown. My dream encourages the temperature of my passion, just as blue is the hottest of the flames. I was able to face myself through my dream as the sea reflected the sky like a mirror. For our brilliant dreams will shine someday.