Hi I’m Chiara! I’m a multidisciplinary designer passionate about strategic thinking, storytelling and art direction. I’m curiously-minded and love to learn about anything and everything: the world, its cultures, but most importantly its people and their identities. I aim to reveal and normalise the everyday home truths of the human experience in a playful way with work that is culturally engaged, research-led and always concept-driven. I also love to cook (and eat) and learn languages.


1. A Dog’s Dinner

This project questions the power dynamic between dogs and their humans. A custom chair allows the dog to independently come and go from the dining table. The short film follows a family sitting down to dinner with the dog’s arrival the end signalling it’s time to eat. 


2. You Are How You Eat: An Exploration of Our Edible Identities

Dissertation as publication, in the style of a classic cookbook. At the back of the book, the reader can find recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the text throughout, allowing them to cook along as well as a useful conversion table.


3. I Will Knot

Family ties are currently being broken by the UK’s unfair restrictions on refugee family reunion. We asked the public to help symbolically close the gap between families, while pledging to ‘knot’ support the government’s unfair policy. Installation and short film in collaboration with Amnesty International, Ben Hopley, Latifa Powell, Maili Knowles-Lee and Vera Frommelt.


4. Sunday Scarpetta

Set of custom tableware celebrating traditional Italian mealtime rituals, in particular the ritual of ‘fare la scarpetta’. The plate has directions for the diner to mop up their leftover pasta sauce and the tablecloth has tips on on how to replicate an authentic Italian meal including historical context, my family recipe and anecdotes to be shared with each other around the table.