Purfleet is a village with historic moments and a beautiful riverside. Near the RSPB Rainham marshes and a film production industry starts to develop in the area. However, it is a quiet place with limited facilities.

I would like to activate Purfleet and the riverside through this project, creating a film production studio.

The site can be connected and repaired by introducing new landscape infrastructure to the brownfield. Its answer to the climate of the site is that floods can happen. The open public building allows a delicate approach to the existing landscape. In addition, the large bridge improves access to the riverside while keeping the privacy of the film industry. The site is connected to the Thames estuary using material that could be found easily along the estuary. The colour of the building matches the context building that allowing the project to merge into the existing scenario. The brownfield situation is conserved by not changing the vegetation.

I hope the project can provide more happiness for the residents and a good habitat for invertebrates.



Purfleet is worth to be a more enjoyable place to celebrate the riverside.