This is a hand washing system for people who don’t have time for craft in their daily routines. People who never get their hands dirty, this will make their hands dirty by cleaning them the same way historical crafts people did.

    The purpose of this is to embed craft into an urban busy working non craftsperson’s life.

    It consist of a wooden soap block, a flint and a knife.

    First you whittle a bit of the soap using the knife, then you light it using flint and steel.

    When it has fully burned down you use the ash to wash your hands.

    The entire process has a learning curve just like most crafts do.

    The idea is that by bringing this into their routine they will do it daily and learn a skill while washing their hands.

    The first soaps were made using lye from ash and in medieval times crafts people would use ash to get the dirt and grease of their hands.