Hello I’m Daisy, storytelling is what inspires my practise. Using observation and facilitating conversation, I enjoy finding ways to authentically connect people together; with empathy and care as my guide. 

Hand crafted mediums enhance the accessibility of design as they create more tactile, relatable and human interactions. Texture, material, and colour are important assets to my practise because of how they can be harnessed conceptually and congruously. Design should engage real people, collaborating to co-design sustainable systems which can effectively improve our daily lives in big or small ways. In socially exploring the bespoke ways to reach communities with heartfelt insight, I want to shed light on the everyday joy in front of us.


*Tog ~ Crafting Connection: a pop-up knitting community designed to help facilitate groups wherever desired. The communal binder resource shares the role of community organiser, allowing people to add material; documenting and enhancing the social connections made through collective making. The knitted poster establishes temporary knitting spaces in public settings, inviting further stitches to be added thus illustrating the communal nature of knitting.

The Quilt as Second Skin: publishing my dissertation as an exhibition, it explores material’s ability to tangibly represent the intangible notions of human experience. A projection of quilter’s oral histories shines across a handmade quilt, crafted from my own sacred materials, which conceptually visualises the sentimentality embedded in fabric. Loose leaf pages invite viewers to assemble formations, reflecting the act of quilt making.

Play Station: celebrates and utilises train stations as community hubs. Visualising narratives of local recommendations and personal stories into maps for visitors, these are displayed in the station; thus an archive of the community. ~ In collaboration with Tilia Bertrand-Shelton and Hannah Weatherall.

Interested in the personal.

I like to make design which is playful, friendly and socially engaged.