Phy.gital explores furniture beyond borders.

Phy(sical).gital is an innovative gallery experience allowing people to visualise furniture and materials through the lens of the virtual world or reality that we are heading towards.

Phy.(di)gital is a collection of digital furniture for the Metaverse, sold as NFTs. This collection re-imagines how furniture could be designed, made, perceived, sold, experienced and valued.

This experiential design project is a gateway between the physical and virtual worlds. Upon scanning a QR code and with the use of Augmented Reality, visitors can experience the displayed primitive chair transforming in a surreal way.

The aim of this experience is to counter the limitations of the physical world with digital opportunities, opening the gates of furniture design to a whole new dimension.

It is fascinating how technology can change how we experience the world around us, opening new horizons for art and design. Danielle’s focus is exploring freedom of creativity and creating products that embody the union of the physical and digital worlds.