Hi, I’m Dee. A multidisciplinary designer, who enjoys everything from photography and art direction, all the way to publication design and 3D modelling. My design practice centres around sustainability, fashion and culture, and I am passionate about the medium of photography being an accessible tool to aid communication between people and current issues in society. 

> Working (Wo)mxn’s Club is a collaborative research space designed to promote conversation about female inclusivity in the graphic design industry, as well as giving a platform for university students to converse with industry professionals.

> Remeiku is an independent zine designed to celebrate the Harajuku fashion style and to raise awareness of its culture regarding sustainability and recycling. This zine focuses on creating different Harajuku looks from items of clothing from my own wardrobe and charity/second-hand shops, as well as showcasing interviews conducted with subjects directly involved in the subculture.

> Off the Rack is a publication exploring the role of science and technology in sustaining fashion’s future and takes focus on digital fashion playing a significant role in the progression of the industry. Dissertation Publication.

> Diverse Terms is an editorial image collection, capturing the texture and materiality of sustainable textile innovations in the fashion industry.

Instagram and portfolio site under construction.