Hi! My name is Elena Victoria, or EV for short, and I am a digitally native graphic designer, exploring new work methods and tools as I go. My work is driven by project goals, problem solving, and coherent visual language, alongside utilising my Kingston skills in idea development and centering projects around research.

Here are some of my projects:

[1] Restoration Scan,  a restoration camera feature for visitors at the National Gallery, using the pre-existing museum app Smartify.
Take a deep dive into the layers of painting restoration, with this interactive and informative app feature.
Use your own phone camera, or borrow a tablet in the gallery, and experience all the hidden secrets of paintings

[2] Dissertation Publication, an interactive website to explore the content of my dissertation “To what extent is digital equal to physical art?”. The dissertation discusses the value of digital art with the new addition of NFTs. Using key words through the website, they each represent about 100 words of the text, guiding you to its accompanying paragraph.

[3] Feed the Feed,  a coin slot machine for earning Instagram usage, giving you a daily choice between guaranteed app time or gambling for chance of more time. The jackpot is the maximum amount of time. This installation acts as commentary on social media usage and its similarities to the addictive features of gambling.The machine adapts to the user, customising features once their phone is in place in the machine