Architecture of sociability and dialogue through theatre and performance. A shared intertwined design evolution of the theatre and the city aimed at a proposal for an intimate music venue set within an urban plan. Dalston, brought to life by the public realm through the introduction of a micro city that hosts the performances of the local community, with respect to its existing contemporary culture. An improvised performance as the main characters are drawn onto the site, taking centre stage. A reflection of the dramatics of performance, the area transforms into intimate space with a choreographed sense of arrival and experience. Public spaces within society hold an important responsibility as they become a platform for appropriation and expression by the inhabitant and neighbourhood. 

    The proposal consists of three structures; a main stage for performances, kiosk stands, workshop and studio spaces a garden square and performance square that connects to the existing Shilol Pentecostal Church and OTO Project Pavilion. The central structure functions as a stage set, becoming the core that draws in people from the crowd. As an illuminated, delicate box, a sense of curiosity attracts the public realm onto the site, allowing them to become part their own led performance. Populating and animating the site, bringing it to life with the authenticity of the community, morphing the space into their own urban fabric that can contribute to the identity of the people and the place they call home. 

    Introducing a public space that is to be used within the day and in the evenings, presents the public with the platform to bring about new relationships and communications. Hand in hand with the program of the site as a designated area for the creative industry.