Muses I – V  is an ode to the female muses in my life

The collection is made of five looks that express the creativity and attitude of these women and are an appreciation of what clothes they wear, and how they wear them.

My approach to design is rooted in having respect and cherishing clothing, observing the attention to craftsmanship and detail that goes into their creation.  Muses I – V evolved from initial investigative research into particular garments belonging to my Granny and my mum, who have always instilled in me the value of preserving and looking after clothes, so that today most of my own wardrobe is made up of these pieces.  These well designed, well made and well kept pieces of clothing can teach so much about the importance of clothing being enduring both in design and practicality, which I have   implored in my own work.  In particular this value of craft manifests in the knitwear pieces of this collection.  As the very nature of knitting as a discipline is a labour of love, consideration and calculation.

The pieces in Muses I – V and the muses themselves exist in a futuristic realm, ruled by females and their energy, wearing clothes that empower those who wear them to feel emboldened and effortlessly cool. They are tenacious, intuitive and compassionate.  They care about the impacts of their clothes environmentally and socially, and accept responsibility for how looking after them during and after their life.

All of the fabrics and yarns that have been used to create this collection are responsibly sourced.  The vast majority utilise  deadstock meaning the pieces are limited edition, and reduce wasting existing materials.  The only single new fabric was sourced from those who have a like minded approach to the transparency of their supply chain, and are robust to be kept and passed on.  In recognition of full transparency, where possible but not always, deadstock and vintage trims as well as threads have been used in the production of this collection.

Muses I – V