We behave in certain ways in social interactions often without thinking about it. There are patterns of behaviour we repeat over and over again like a dance; it becomes ingrained. When these five people moved to a new culture they experienced a new and different way of behaving and they adapted. Each map tell a story, about a social encounter where their learnt behaviour felt different; it lead them to adapt.

    Each interaction takes place on a different shaped map to reflect how each moment is unique. The typesetting and folds reflect the tone of the encounter or the physical space. The audience is invited to unfold and interact with the map so they too can move as they engage with the work and step in the shoes of the person telling the story.

    It’s aimed to help people empathise with others who have moved to a new culture, to draw attention to the fact seemingly simple and every day moments can be approached in different ways. I hope it generates discussion between people who are with others who are new to a culture; to discuss their differences and embrace them rather than quietly question them.

    A series of five maps each telling a different person’s story about moving to a new culture and having to adjust to a new way of behaving. The dance around the last biscuit; We have time dance;  Tell it how it is dance; Don’t turn up unannounced dance  and Time to be on time dance.