A Triangular Reason is a documentary animation about dyslexia and the school system. Based on two interviews with dyslexic students, this animation highlights the dyslexic experience, the emotional toll of being diagnosed late and how dyslexia can be a tool for creativity. This multi-sensory world is explored through 2D drawings and 3D: plaster-scene, books and paper, along with experimental sound design, to reflect the dyslexic thought process. This animation will take you through the emotional stages of being diagnosed with dyslexia, through first person recounts. As the subjects draw from their experience your taken through their pasts, in school, all the way up to their post diagnosed selves that shine a light on the explosive benefits of living a dyslexic life.

As someone who has grown up with dyslexia and was lucky enough to have received one-to-one teaching, I have dedicated many projects this year towards dyslexia awareness. This project is spotlighting how dyslexia is primarily viewed as a reading and righting difficulty and disadvantage, if you’re in the school system not designed to help you, but it doesn’t have to be. I wanted to explore dyslexic experiences that differ from my own. Through interviewing I have gathered individual recounts from dyslexic people, discovering details that are often overlooked. I wanted to draw attention to how it feels to grow up with dyslexia, how the dyslexic experience is different depending on ones privilege, how dyslexic people are treated before and after being diagnosed and how it feels to be a dyslexic person.

My second animation, Dancing On My Own, is about dancing, over lockdown, on my own and discovering how freeing it is to dance unselfconsciously. I asked people to send me videos of themselves dancing on their own, to see how different and freeing it is compared to what you see online or in public. This film is about dancing freely, for yourself, in any way possible. You can find more information about this project on my website.

Ellie Ponté is a documentary and experimental animator. She explores individual stories and aims to bring insight into personal details that are often overlooked. Ellies animations aims to provide insight into a stranger’s history, exploding misconceptions and offering an alternative perspective to the model of society.