The title of my project is “Same time tomorrow?”. As a reference to the repetitive motions of commuting, I wanted to discuss how commuting doesn’t necessarily need to be boring and people are fun!

I created an animation as my final piece, which portrays a morning commute to work – based on my commute to university and the fun, noticeable things I have observed on my journeys. A key premise of my projects was centered around observation and the impressions of commuters from an outsider’s perspective. Through my animation and the work leading up to this, I investigated commuters as characters and how everyone is their own individual and has an equally as complex life as everyone else. I aimed to capture as many people as possible by looking into the finer details of human nature and showing the uniqueness of people and how everyone is different in their own way. One thing we as humans don’t do enough is take time to sit and observe how other people behave. I know that I am guilty of zoning out and ignoring everyone around me when I am commuting, but I wanted to communicate that, even for a moment, we should take note of the things we see. This helps us stay grounded but also may provide you with some fun conversation starters for the day ahead! I wanted to open the eyes of autonomous commuters and create a piece that made us appreciate the things that we don’t usually take note of.

After creating a list of all the funny things I have witnessed on my commutes, I decided to use a mix of found imagery and digital animation to bring them to life. I used recorded sounds that I had taken from my journeys and created a piece that brought some excitement and humor into the world of commuting!