After being introduced to a VR headset and a 3D sculpture app during the course, I got inspired by the various possibilities that virtual reality opens to the creative industries. I co-founded VREscape, a start-up company that has explored the accessibility of novel technologies by wider communities through events that introduces VR headsets using artistic and educational apps, bridging the gap between those communities with this current technology.

For my Final Major Project, in The Art of the Sublime, I have been investigating the intersection between art, well-being, and mindfulness by designing an immersive virtual reality experience that evokes the sublime and spirituality using ethereal elements, diving in into one of the most intimate aspect of ones spirituality, their prayers.

Penguin Speaks Volumes, the D&AD awarded campaign, bridges the gap between classic GCSE novels and todays modern society by engaging 15 to 16 year old boys in understanding literature. Covering all 65 books in the curriculum, authors, teachers and rappers will drive round the location of each GCSE novel to analyse the texts- whilst entertaining.

I’m grateful for working in so many interesting and fun briefs during the course, experimenting various areas in design and strengthen different skills.

Hey, I’m an award-winner Brazilian creative based in London that recently got nominated for BIMA 100 under the Students and Apprentices category. I am just passionate about new ideas and visual arts, re-interpreting the world we live in through striking visuals and disruptive concepts, aiming to shift society for better.