I wanted to create the experience of a bath in a garment.During this finial project I explored the way  in which people bathe and the purpose and meaning behind it for them- wether it be spiritual ,holistic or purely sanitation.As someone who’s bath is part of their daily routine I had little knowledge on why other people love or hate them or any experience outside of my own routine in different types of bathing.When I did my interviews I found that many people saw having a bath as a very unique experience that was hard to emulate with anything else.It is a time where you can ‘think clearly because when your head is under water you can’t hear anything expect your own thoughts’.Relating to this experience that many people seemed to have I wonderer if there was actually I way I could produce this effect .That coupled with the fact that many people said they wanted to have a bath but they didn’t have space where they lived   or didn’t have time inspired me to create a garment where you were able to have the experience but in the park or on the plane anytime you wanted.

    Cleansing mind, body and soul- are we bathing correctly ?