My work aims to educate the audience on our ancestors and the history of the world which surrounds us. I am fascinated by the products left behind by living organisms such as fossils and remnants of ancient civilisations and the trails of discovery that these can lead to. I wanted to explore where we came from, the circle of life and what inevitably happens to us once we die. I created various ceramic models of my own artefacts, based on historical stories with great significance/ imagery to me. Using clay worked well as I wanted to mimic the delicate and intricate subject matter I was exploring. I have displayed them on a tall white plinth to mimic the set up seen in a museum. The labels aid this idea, helping to show that they are on display.

    A collection of various artefacts, based off different historical events. My aim is to bring ancient stories back into the light of modern day to ensure that we are educated on our ancestors.