I, Freya Evans, am very interested in religion and its place in 21st century societies. Through my art and conversations I have explored the downfalls of religions and decided to make my own religion called Buenagenta that is more current for the climate we live in than other religions. Buenagenta is inclusive, hedonistic and just amazing and the manifesto is comprised of 7 key words that you can see in the sculpture (the clay figures represent them) and make your own manifesto by using the key on the website. Additionally, the surrealist manifesto talks of “surreality” so I took this idea and coined the term “freality” standing for free reality and Freya reality, something you can reach if you follow my religion.

    I have really enjoyed Kingston art foundation and have realised that I very much want to go into art dealing as a career. I am going to set up an online gallery to sell students works from the most profound and prestigious art schools. If you are interested please feel free to get in touch – freyaevans999@gmail.com

    Buenagenta, the new religion of the 21st century.