Gabriel is an illustrator/animator from Hong Kong. She believes in the power of visual narratives in raising awareness for underrepresented issues. Rooted in her identity, she is particularly interested in the visual representation of the neurodivergent, female and queer. She emphasises the sincerity of her narratives, creating them from her own experience or direct interactions. She has worked with a local Forest School for SEMH students and a disability support centre in Bookham.  Although her recent projects have been focusing on books and comics, she is eager to explore other mediums that could reach the wider public.

Her recent project, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing unveils and celebrates untold stories behind the fences of St. John’s Forest School in Kingston. The school provides a safe space for students with social, emotional and mental health needs. Created through site visits and drawings in location, the book explains the value of forest school for these students, and more importantly, conveys the message that they are children before they are “special needs children”.

‘They are children before they are “special needs children”.’