It Comes Back to the Cards That Have Been Dealt‘, 2022, Oil on Calico, each panel 84cm x 60cm x 1cm.

Reading symbols and imagery to understand their hidden meaning is deeply rooted in religious practice. From colour to animals to material, details control the narrative, and inform the advice offered to the follower to abide by. This painting aims to mimic this process of behaviour, whilst also coaxing out its evident flaws. The imagery painted is designed by my subconscious, and therefore shows no calculated storyline, however incites the same response of curious interpretation to gain a higher and more rewarding understanding. This however, is only revealed to be a testimony of its flaws once the viewer reads the cover of the book, ‘Manipulation Moves the Masses’, and understands the advice they absorbed from the imagery, is merely what they want to understand and abide by.

The next time you see a congregation of Magpies, don’t count them. You will not get a boy or a girl because of the number of Magpies in your garden.