Turned Table (coffee table)

    Square joints for round dowels. 

    A project which developed through an admiration of the process of turning on the lathe. A new joint is discovered through keeping the square sections which are so often disregarded to be turned into something round or cut off. 

    The curvature and kept square section are identical on all spindles. The joint retains rudimentary craft principles, yet poses as a complex seeming connection – where spindles mould and flow into one another.


    Peg Pull (shelving unit)

    Traditional timber framing meets furniture.

    A shelving unit which embodies contemporary craft, by merging the use of modern machining methods and traditional craft techniques. 

    Developed out of an interest in the manufacture and design techniques used in traditional timber frame buildings, in particular the use of dry fixing joints together by forcing an oak peg through off-set holes. A hand whittled oak peg holds together CNC cut parts – emphasising the need for craft in an industry which progresses to be swayed by the use of CAD and CNC.

    Contemporary craft design.