I have made a multicomponent piece in response to the concept of heirlooms. My piece focuses specifically on the objects inherited by my grandmother, from her grandmother. My outcome consists of; a lightweight collar, a hand piece, a repeating chain and a plaster cube, which is broken to reveal a trinket box. Pieces of my design were made specifically to fit my grandmothers’ shape (e.g, a component piece followed the contour of her hand), and the collar piece, which was designed to be lightweight and easy to put on and take off, accommodating her reduced dexterity. I worked predominantly with aluminium, pewter and plaster. 

    Using her table as a setting, I aimed to give context to her heirlooms and show their place in time through the narrative of their belonging and interrelationship with my grandmother. The cube was an interpretation of a reliquary, in which time, people and objects were fused together.