Everything is a Remix: Child Trafficking: Remixing Jonathon Hobin’s style of photography with the past art project that launched my love of art direction, I delved deeper into my impression of child trafficking in the UK. I had many photoshoot references that I had taken a year prior along with a few expressionism paintings exploring the look of pain and despair. For this, I explored how a child may create such a scene in her toy dressing table for instance.

Moxie: WIDE EYED: This campaign is my echo from Federico Fellini’s quote “ Hold on to your childlike innocence. It’s the most important thing”. With so much horror going on in the world and the grown up eye narrowed with apathy, I wanted to create a campaign that reminds us all what it was like to see the world from a child perspective.

Major Project: PARITY Music Video: PARITY is my take on Britain’s idea of gender equality in the form of a five minute long rap single. There being so much disparity amongst all forms of media on a very out dated issue, PARITY is my manifesto of all the problems and the simple solution exploring two points of view from a man and woman. The research took into account feminism, men’s rights activism, the latest UK statistics and the philosophies of Jordan Peterson, Simone de Beauvoir and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

D&AD Penguin Parade: responding to young people struggling to find literature relatable with little representation, Our answer was to give our audience the power to celebrate penguins authors and books that do feature representation for all by creating a penguin sculpture parade that scatters throughout London spreading diversity and awareness back into the written word.

A bit about me: I’m an artisan art director ( according to adobe create ) with a penchant for photography, advertising, storytelling and branding. I’m driven to communicate in as many outstanding, controversial and remixed ways as possible whilst attempting simplicity.