I’m Guy. I turn complicated ideas into pretty objects or cool typefaces. Sometimes both. I enjoy rooting my creative research within obscure areas outside of conventional design thinking, engaging with history, mathematics or philosophy to create engaging and playful outcomes which are rich in materiality and broader context.

The project above is ‘Tomorrow’s Chip Paper’, a broadsheet type specimen presenting twelve months of font design work. Whilst the work I’ve done here and now is something I’m proud of, I’ve no doubt that (metaphorically), tomorrow will bring bright and new things. This newspaper type specimen celebrates that.

[1] Lost in Translation — a publication of my dissertation, which explores the colonial implications of combined Arabic and Latin fonts.

[2] 2000UPM — an online type foundry selling student made digital typefaces at fair prices, with the goal of fundraising our Summer Degree Show.

[3] Stave — Screen printed posters designed to showcase a high contrast display typeface I’d drawn.

[4] The Little Picture — a website which reveals and documents the lived experiences of designers answering questions relating to their gender identity.

If you enjoy my work, you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn