Hannah is an illustrator and designer, working predominately in collage and print to create bold graphic imagery. Her work has a strong emphasis on narrative and nostalgia, as well as documentation, and many of her projects have also explored topics around the themes of identity, adaptation, and craft. Largely inspired by history and her surroundings as well as the books and films she enjoys, she is also interested in folklore and folk traditions, particularly those from her home county of Wiltshire. This formed the basis of both her dissertation research and ‘Wiltshire Wassail’; a children’s book designed to tell the story of the wassail – a celebration of the orchard and harvest.

Her project, ‘Wiltshire Wassail’ is a children’s book exploring the folk tradition of the wassail, a ritualistic celebration of the orchard and coming harvest that involves Morris dancing, mumming plays and placing pieces of cider soaked toast in the branches of trees and pouring cider over the roots. When conceiving the idea for this book, the goal was to encourage and provoke conversations between children and parents about the importance of nature, and remembering the folk traditions that celebrate it. With a bold, abstract, and playful approach in mind, the images were created by hand collaging natural textures together.

‘Wiltshire Wassail’ is a celebration of folk tradition and nature, and aims to introduce both children and adults alike to the importance of both in today’s age.