My work is looking at ‘morbid curiosity’ and why we are so fascinated by the morbid and macabre. I conducted research into forms of morbid curiosity and ways it presents itself, further looking into explanations as to why we have this curiosity. I found human reaction and interaction with a morbid stimulus to be the most interesting and tested this idea by iterating certain tropes or body reactions in specific situations. I wanted to make a comment about the way we all interact with something that’s unknown using hand movements to show this sense of ‘should I or shouldn’t I’. The hand movements involve ‘prodding, poking and squeezing’, as seen in moments of curiosity towards something unknown. I chose a fast paced, silent atmosphere and morbid curiosity is something experienced silently, in that the majority are reluctant to admit to it in fear of judgement. The ‘itch’ sound is suggesting this morbid curiosity to be something of an itch or an urge to do something and gives the impression it’s something you shouldn’t do.

‘Often uncertainty is more unpleasant than unpleasant certainty”