What do people recognise themselves by?
Most people would say their face and hair. So, how else can we recognise people? Could you recognise yourself if no one told you beforehand?

What makes us unique is our bodies themselves. Wherever you are, these unique signs of you will always be instantly recognisable to those who know you well.
People can still identify people by their sense of smell when all other sensory organs are blinded.The sense of smell seems to be the medium hrough which people preceive their soul.

I once heard a very special story about a girl,she smelled her grandmother’s distinctive scent on her bedside after she got up. even though it was already the fifth day after her grandmother’s death.
As if her grandmother ‘s spirit had been with her in her sleep.

“It’s like an exclusive bottle of perfume made for her to carry the memory of her grandmother.”

I customise your unforgettable memories and wear them all on your body, like a perfume for yourself before you go out.
But this “memory perfume” is exclusive to you.

How do we recognise each other when all we have left is our sense of smell?

Can those memories left behind based on the sense of smell become your unique label?

Customize a bottle of perfume with your unforgettable memories, the difference is that it can be worn by you.