Changing of the Tide

    This interactive Tide Book depicts the changes and opinions of the North Western quaint town of Morecambe and the development taking place to regenerate into a 21st Century Seaside Town.  The book depicts itself within the same structure as a typically Tide Book with the following of Moon Phases to depict how Morecambe came about and the once beloved holiday destinations state it was once was. To the impending plans to rejuvenate to area to appeal to a 21st Century holidaymaker. The book was curated from when I visited the area and gathered contrasting local opinions on the plans.  The natural environment of the town is incredibly important to many locals’ livelihoods so it was key to merge both the social and natural environments into the book to enhance these opinions and changes. The book is intended for 21st century holidaymakers visiting the area to have an understanding of this nostalgic perspective on what Morecambe once was and the changes it faced currently.