This is a self-exploration and healing project. In this project, I began to recognize my inner child, and I faced some emotional issues that troubled me for a long time step by step. The picture books in two languages and the pottery dolls present this process. The two-layer design of the picture book cover expresses the concept of the inner child, and the concertina fold pages present the self-healing journey. The pottery dolls also carry the emotional expression of my self-healing journey in another form. The picture books and pottery dolls complement each other.
Although this project is a process of facing my deep scars and repairing my heart by recognizing my inner child, self-healing is also an issue that almost everyone needs to face.
Therefore, the sentence on the first page of the picture book, “Hey, it is me and also you”, symbolizes this is not only a story about me, but might also be about everyone.

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