A Portrait Of My Dead Mother 

A perspective of my mother’s life and personality, crafted from our family archive.

The book titles compliment the personal items, shedding light on many of the significant themes in her life.

I’m a contemporary artist and designer working across the broad fields of photography, collage and sculpture. My work explores the varied forms of memories, with an archival aspect.

More recently, my art practice has been influenced by my mothers sudden passing and the associated emotional and physical ramifications. Through this piece of work, I hope to do justice to my mother’s bubbly and beautiful personality and her full life.

In my practice I acquire and manipulate vintage materials, to fabricate and intensify memories. Past works focused on strangers personal memories. These random snapshots are ambiguous and arbitrary, but weirdly familiar. Recent events directed me to my own memories, now intensely vivid and valuable following my mother’s death.

Group Works