My project “Invasives and Accidentals” focussed on Invasive species, initially in my research I looked mostly at the Ring-Necked Parakeet and their Presence in the uk. However I later decided to pivot the subject matter of my work and emphasize the native species that are affected by the presence of invasive ones. This led me to the islands of Hawai’i, whose ecosystem and nature have been impacted severely negatively by the presence on invasive species. My two final pieces are about the native birds of Hawai’i who are now extinct, endangered, critically endangered or assumed extinct. The pages of my book get progressively thinner and more see-through as the birds listed get closer and closer to the point of extinction until the last 28  pages, all of which are thin and see through and represent the 28 species driven to extinction. In my poster the species shown become less visible going down the page as the birds approach extinction. I chose to create all my illustrations  using papercut/ collage, which I think suited the project well, as it allowed me to simplify my images while still having the needed level of detail to ensure the birds are highly recognisable.

    My piece is about the native birds of Hawai’i who have been driven to the brink of extinction or wiped out entirely by the introduction of invasive species to the islands.